Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Animal lovers are invited to visit Jungle Cat World, a family-owned and operated wildlife refuge and zoo in Orono that cares for several varieties of big cats. You’ll come face-to-face with cougars, tigers, lions, snow leopards and jaguars. Other animal species include spider monkeys, wolves, foxes, lemurs and birds. The park features some free-roaming animals such as rabbits, alpacas and donkeys, but most of the park’s residents live behind protective barriers.  

Several programs offer unique experiences with the animals. Follow along with the daily feeding tour of the big cats and hyenas every afternoon, feedings are free to attend, but do require a booking. A tour guide will share interesting tidbits about the animals’ diet, behaviour and daily routines. The lions enjoy their lunch first, followed by a mix of exotic predators including tiger, jaguar, striped hyena, snow leopards, cougars and amur leopard. 

Located just north of the town of Orono, Jungle Cat World is approximately 100 km east of downtown Toronto via Highway 407. 

Visit the Jungle Cat World website for up-to-date information and details. For more information about the refuge and other places of interest to explore nearby, keep scrolling to see what Destination Ontario recommends. 

A young girl pets a wolf at a wildlife sanctuary

Some things to do may not be available due to COVID-19.

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More about Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

The refuge’s educational Behind the Scenes program invites you to learn about the impacts of human activities on animal survival in the wild. You can interact safely by touching, socializing and feeding some of the park’s ambassador animals, such as lemurs, turtles, wolves, tigers, kangaroos, jaguars and more. The one-hour session strives to develop understanding, empathy and eco-friendly behaviour. 

Those seeking a real adventure can even spend the night at the zoo, in one of Canada’s most unique accommodations. After the park closes to the public, overnight guests can continue roaming its paths and relax in one of three lodgings: the Safari Lodge, the Lion’s Den or the Jaguar Den. You’ll fall asleep to the sounds of roaring lions and howling wolves and enjoy breakfast the next morning. 

Another interactive program at the refuge includes a zoo camp for children up to 17 years old that involves on-hands learning experiences with professional animal care staff. Participants get up close with the animals by helping with feeding, watering, cleaning and playing. Kids also enjoy fun activities like educational workshops, a talent show, arts and craft projects and outdoor adventures like caving, climbing and treetop trekking.

Jungle Cat World is open year-round and offers free parking and discounts to children, teenagers and seniors. A membership program grants unlimited annual access, plus reduced prices on goods and services. You can conveniently book your visits online.   

If you’d like to explore the surrounding area a bit, nearby you’ll find plenty of outdoor entertainment. There are several walking and hiking areas, including Stephen's Gulch Conservation Area and Orono Crown Lands. Just north of the refuge is Brimacombe Ski Resort, featuring downhill runs during the snowy winter months, a ski school and a gear shop. The nearby Treetop Trekking Ganaraska offers ziplining and high ropes courses. The town of Orono is small and quaint, with a few local restaurants, shops and a historic town hall. 

Jungle Cat World is a unique attraction where you can get up close with animals from around the world and learn about wildlife conservation.  

Photo credit : Christa Klose