Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa

When you step into Langdon Hall, you'll experience a grand entrance. It is the epitome of comfort and luxury, wrapped up in beautiful surroundings with a big red bow waiting on your bed. As both a Country House Hotel and a Spa, Langdon Hall has been hosting guests for many years, with the facilities and experience to make your stay unforgettable. 

Tucked away in the Carolinian Forest, Langdon Hall is best reached by car, with free valet parking on your arrival. It is accessible directly from Highway 401, but it is so well-hidden in its own forest, you would never know it’s there. 

The property extends over 400 hectares, and includes two buildings and approximately 12 km of hiking trails. There are traditional gardens to explore and stylish rooms to stay in. While hidden away from view, Langdon Hall enjoys being a part of the greater Cambridge community, connecting with a range of activities and groups in the area.  

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More about Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa

Langdon Hall is known for both its luxurious accommodation and its 5-Diamond dining restaurant. As a package, the stay is nothing short of spectacular. 

Built as a summer home in 1898, Langdon Hall continues to hold the same classic old-school glamour from its early years. There are a variety of rooms available, each with its own stylish features to bring you both comfort and grace. You can choose from queen-size beds or king-size, deep soaking bathtubs, warm wood fireplaces, cozy reading nooks and a selection of views for every aspect of the grounds. 

Stepping outside, there is a plethora of activities available to enrich your stay. The surrounding Carolinian Forest is renowned for its beauty and serenity. Dominated by the deciduous forest, there is always life and colour, no matter the season. The hotel offers a variety of equipment for you to explore outside. There are opportunities to hike and explore the area and, depending on the time of year you visit, you may consider snowshoeing or mountain biking along the trails. 

Langdon Hall is equally famous for its restaurant. It is a culinary experience not to be missed! Start with cocktails on the verandah or join the informal wine tasting with the sommelier. Dinner is a slow eating affair filled with glorious food, direct from the Langdon Gardens. If you’re interested in picking up culinary tips, ask the hosts about Sunday morning cooking demonstrations with the Chef. There is much to learn about both growing and preparing the Hall’s garden vegetables and locally raised meats. 

The final detail in Langdon Hall’s masterpiece are the spa facilities onsite. Whether you are looking for a full relaxation massage or deluxe hand therapy with manicure, Langdon Hall provides the service to leave you feeling like a million dollars. 

An escape to Langdon Hall sounds like the perfect complete package, but Destination Ontario has found a few extra activities to make it really special. 

Start with the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, a mere 16-minute drive from Langdon Hall. Take in a change of scenery and explore the exotic indoor tropical garden filled with thousands of butterflies. The Conservatory is a privately owned corporation and a valued contributor to the conservation, education and research of butterflies. Here you can learn all about the unique and fragile creatures with an experience to blow your mind. You will also love their vast collection of exotic plants, essential for a healthy natural habitat for the butterflies. There is also the pleasant surprise to see birds and other animals in the conservatory. They are all a part of the ecosystem and support this stunning set-up we can all enjoy. The Conservatory is open for timed admission tickets, so head to their website and make sure you book your visit. 

After you have spent time with the butterflies, spread your own wings and rise to the occasion with a hot air balloon. These are the best views to see all of Langdon Hall and beyond. You can often watch the colourful hot air balloons floating across the sky in Cambridge. Now picture yourself in the basket, floating above it all. With launch sites across the area, you can give your weekend away an extra lift. Contact the main office through their website to check availability.  

For the final treat to put on the top of your adventures, stop by Reids Chocolates in Cambridge. Located a short 15-minute drive from Langdon Hall, the chocolate factory includes a storefront to purchase as many sweet memories as you like. You can even view the process from the windows within the store! A firm favourite is their signature chocolate tortoise, combining the delicious homemade chocolate with the nutty pecans they have been producing for over 70 years. Pick up enough for the journey home (or just a few to enjoy by the fireplace back at Langdon Hall).