Hamilton Waterfalls

Tucked in the outskirts of Hamilton, the Hamilton waterfalls — more than 100 natural waterfalls in various locations throughout the region — decorate the city limits. Spend a day driving or cycling between each of the stunning waterfalls, each with its own character. Some waterfalls are even located within the city limits, like local favourite, Felker’s Falls, in the Stoney Creek neighbourhood. This area is surprisingly one of Ontario’s natural treasures, despite the bustling city of Hamilton being so close by. On a sunny day, a tour around the area to find these falls will have you exploring corners of Hamilton you never thought you’d see. Many of Hamilton’s waterfalls are accessible via a short, gentle walk from nearby parking lots, allowing you to see several falls in a day. The waterfalls occur because of the natural formations on the Niagara Escarpment, a geological landmark. At Webster Falls, the largest of the Hamilton waterfalls, watch the water rush over a steep cliff surrounded by stunning colorful leaves in autumn.

Hamilton’s waterfalls are found throughout the region, creating a “u” shape around the city of Hamilton. Start at the Billy Green Falls and work your way around to Borer’s Falls, or work your way toward the city from Webster’s and Canterbury Falls on the outskirts of town. We’d recommend you drive to each of these locations if you intend on seeing multiple waterfalls at once, but some individual sites are accessible by public transit. Active tourists can bike between the falls, making for a lovely summer day of cycling and hiking. Anyone visiting Hamilton’s waterfalls must adhere to safety guidelines and stay on the trails, as the escarpment can be dangerous.

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Waterfall and rapids taken from top of falls

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More about Hamilton Waterfalls

Hamilton’s breathtaking collection of cascading waterfalls appeals to the whole family. With so many to choose from, you can plan to accommodate your group with gentle, accessible trails for the elderly, safe trails for kids and challenging treks for athletic adults. Find detailed information about each of the falls online to plan your trip accordingly. The nearby Dundas Valley Conservation Area, located just a few kilometres outside of Hamilton, offers several hiking trails for those who want to continue their active day. Make sure to bring your camera, as the Hamilton waterfalls make for excellent photography for beginners and experts alike.

If you don’t have time for all 100 (or more) of Hamilton’s waterfalls, we recommend starting at Webster’s Falls, considered by some to be the most impressive of them all. Continue to Canterbury Falls, which is conveniently located near the Dundas Valley Conservation Area and several other Hamilton waterfalls. At Sherman Falls, walk along the well manicured trails. Nearby, Washboard Falls showcases the striking variance in the region’s natural attractions. Make your way into the city via Chedoke Falls, a ribbon waterfall located within the city with a vibrantly blue pool at the bottom. Then, stop in the city of Hamilton for a bite to eat or a walk around the town.

If you’re after even more, continue through the city on the Red Hill Valley Parkway to reach Albion Falls, which cascades down almost 20 metres and is one of the most popular Hamilton waterfalls. (Please keep in mind that jumping into the water at this location is not safe at any time.) Then hit Buttermilk Falls and Felker’s Falls, and finish the day at the stunning Billy Green Falls. You’ll find yourself in Hamilton at the end of your day, the perfect time to grab a drink or a bite in the historic town.

Alternatively, plan to hit these waterfalls as you explore Hamilton, stopping at the falls as you explore attractions like the waterpark Wild Waterworks, the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology or the Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market. The city also boasts some delicious brews and foods, like Clifford Brewing Company’s tap room or the vegan burger joint, Boon Burger.