Outdoor Adrenaline

Is the rush of excitement what you’re after? Make the most of daylight hours in any season with unmatched opportunities for pulse-racing adventure, then wind down at a cozy accommodation. 

Here’s your guide to the ultimate Ontario outdoor adrenaline rush: browse articles, specific spots, areas you’ll want to check out and important information to know before you go. 

Some things to do may not be available due to COVID-19.

For the most up-to-date information on where and when it is safe to travel please visit: covid-19.ontario.ca

Get Inspired

Land, sea and air adventures are all here for you in Ontario. Get inspired by our adrenaline-fueled trip planning articles.

Specific Spots

Ready to dive into a specific spot known for great outdoor adrenaline opportunities? Here are some specific things to do. 

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