Lennox & Addington North

Balancing the historical sites and small-town hospitality of Lennox & Addington’s Lake Ontario coastline, the county’s northern rural territory is dotted with picturesque lakes, nature reserves, epic hiking trails and, best of all, an unrivalled view of the stars at night. Travel into the countryside to explore Bon Echo, one of Ontario’s most striking provincial parks, and stop by Sheffield Conservation Area at night to see the Milky Way in all its glory.  

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Where is Lennox & Addington North?

Located in Eastern Ontario, this slim county stretches from the northeast coastline of Lake Ontario into the Addington Highlands countryside just west of the city of Ottawa. Just two hours west of Ottawa and three hours northeast of Toronto, Lennox & Addington (North) is accessible via Highway 7, the 401 Expressway and Highway 28.  

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Things to Do in Lennox & Addington North

Whereas the southern areas of Lennox & Addington boast shops, restaurants, and museums, nature takes center stage in this county’s northern area, including the bright (celestial) stars. 

Bon Echo Provincial Park is one of Lennox & Addington’s northern treasures. Conveniently located along Highway 41, this stunning park overlooks Upper Mazinaw Lake, where visitors can kayak, canoe, fish and swim. 

Hike to the top of Mazinaw Rock, a 100 metre tall boulder on which you’ll find incredible pictographs left by the region’s Indigenous communities. If you’re quiet, you may also be lucky enough to observe the threatened Peregrine Falcon, which nests on the rock. Keep your eyes peeled for other majestic birds like the Red-Tailed Hawk.  

Those who are experienced and prefer to spend the day on the water can take the Kishkebus canoe route, a day-long paddle through the waters below the pictographs. This is a great way to view the lake’s iconic still water, where the views above are reflected perfectly. Bon Echo Outfitters, located right along the lakeside, can provide you with any equipment rentals for your day on the water, including kayaks, canoes, life jackets and even sunscreen. 

The lake’s three sandy beaches are great locations to park up and spend the day dipping into the water. These beaches are open to day visitors as well as campers. If you choose just to stay for the day, make sure to grab a bite at one of the lakefront restaurants. 

Camping is available at the park or book one of the many quaint cottages dotted around the lake. For a quieter destination, visit nearby Joeperry Lake, which does not allow motorboats. The lake connects to Pearson Lake, making it a great place to spend the day canoeing or kayaking and discovering the beautiful inlets throughout the area. Backcountry campsites are located around Joeperry and Pearson, making them the perfect lakes to have a night out after paddling across the water. 

To the south, check out the much more rugged Puzzle Lake Provincial Park. Experienced hikers, campers and boaters will enjoy the quiet park where diverse terrain like cliffsides, wetlands, lakes and rock barrens reign.  

Make an unforgettable nighttime excursion to the Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area. Park your car, settle in and wait for the Milky Way to appear above at this shockingly dark, clear area. Photographers, astronomers and cosmic dreamers will fall into a starry daze at the sheer number of stars visible from this spot. 

Neighbourhoods & Districts in Lennox & Addington North


The northernmost community in the county, the town is located where Highways 28 and 41 converge and is close to both Denbigh Lake and Rose Hill Nature Reserve. 


At the southern tip of beautiful Weslemkoon Lake, filled with a smattering of freshwater islands, this town offers access to the lake and quaint cottages to enjoy a night in. 


Located on Highway 41 just on Lennox and Addington County’s border, Cloyne is a good place to stop before or after your trip to Bon Echo Provincial Park.  


Between the charming town of Northbrook and access to Puzzle Lake Provincial Park, at the intersection of highways 7 and 41 visit Kaladar on your way to northern Lennox and Addington.  

Things to Know About Visiting Lennox & Addington North

Whether you’re still in the planning stages or you’re already on your trip to Lennox & Addington, it’s nice to learn what the locals know about the city. 

Where to shop local

Just north of Kaladar in Northbrook, check out Explorer’s Eco-Emporium, a quirky shop where visitors can find, well, just about anything!

Insiders tip for family fun

Don’t miss the famous Land O’Lakes Rescue Petting Farm in Cloyne, a fun, safe and educational experience for the whole family. 

Local gem

Pick up all the last-minute grocery supplies and fishing and outdoor essentials you’ll need at quaint Glaeser’s Country Store in Denbigh, and discover unexpected treasures as well, like original art, beautiful gems and unique gifts and crafts. 

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