Welcome to THEMUSEUM, a cultural destination for fresh and inspired ideas located in the City of Kitchener in western Ontario. It has five floors of interactive exhibits that vary in a wide range of cultural content that attracts both adults and kids. From Andy Warhol to the Titanic, you may be surprised at the seemingly unconnectedness of it all. But truly, all the exhibits work together to drive curiosity, inspire creativity, accept diversity, and create wonder in all its guests. A visit to THEMUSEUM may leave you with a changed perspective on the world. 

Roughly 107 km south west of downtown Toronto, THEMUSEUM is easily accessible from Highway 401. Paid parking is available at nearby parking garages. Or, you can reach Kitchener directly from Toronto by train using Via Rail. The museum is just 1 km from the station. 

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More about THEMUSEUM

THEMUSEUM is probably the most unique museum in all of Ontario, with five floors full of interactive exhibits. It boasts almost 55,000 square feet of gallery space that openly encourages visitors to be active with as many of the exhibits as possible. It’s a great place to be entertained for hours, share laughs and see the world a little differently. It’s not a museum where one will easily be bored. 

THEMUSEUM is a perfect fit for families, as the museum is a giant playground for kids (both children and those forever young at heart). Children are free to express their creativity and curiosity throughout the museum, with many hands-on exhibits designed specifically for children. For example, the large Geo-Terraces in the Grand Atrium and TotSpot are for kids up to age four. And anyone needing full accessibility can easily get around the entire museum. 

THEMUSEUM gives visitors a unique opportunity to blend art, science, and technology through five floors of galleries full of interactive permanent and temporary exhibits that appeal to people of all ages. It’s all about ideas and experiences rather than visiting the past and seeing objects that you can’t touch. Where most museums frown upon guests touching items on display, THEMUSEUM encourages guests to be as hands-on as possible during their entire visit. It’s a place that hopes visitors leave inspired and think a little differently about the world around them. 

Some of THEMUSEUM’s permanent exhibits include a virtual graffiti wall where you paint with light, an animation station where you can make your own stop motion film, a fun and irresistible walking piano that is 1.8 metres (6 feet) long, a pin wall where you can create different impressions, shadow play where you create using dancing shadows, and try your hand at laying down on a bed of nails! 

First opened in 2003 as the Waterloo Regional Children’s Museum, it was renamed THEMUSEUM in 2010. It’s a one-of-a-kind museum that you have never encountered before. All exhibits in the museum are given a lot of thought to ensure that all guests, regardless of age, engage in the displays and have fun. 

Though THEMUSEUM does not have an eatery on the premises, it does allow something you won’t find in other museums. There is a dedicated café space where you can bring your own food and enjoy your meal.