Safari Niagara

Safari Niagara is a beautiful privately operated and owned 150-acre nature park. The park is home to more than 1,000 animals of both exotic and native species. You’ll find birds, reptiles, and mammals of all sizes and shapes here, and the whole family can enjoy the day. The park is located just ten minutes away from the world-famous Niagara Falls. 

While you’re here, you can experience a wide range of activities beyond just looking at the animals from afar. Ropes courses, jumping pillows, pedal bike go-karts, fishing, and much more awaits the whole family at this fun-filled, seasonal park. 

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More about Safari Niagara

Safari Niagara welcomes visitors of all ages and abilities, with many activities for folks to enjoy while they spend the day with the animals and each other. Of course, the favourite attractions of the park include the plethora of animals of all sizes and shapes. 

Some of the favourite critters you can see while making your way through the park include African lions, alpacas, American Badgers, Bactrian Camels, Barbary Apes, Blue Crowned Pigeons, donkeys, cougars, giraffes, Grey Wolves, Grant’s Zebras, Honduran Milk Snakes, Red Pandas, reindeer, Slender Tailed Meerkats, Striped Skunks, hippos, and many others. 

Safari Niagara exists to not only give folks a place of leisure and enjoyment, with animals as the focus, but to educate people of all abilities and ages about wildlife conservation. The park aims to bring visitors up-close-and-personal to nature for a genuine connection, hoping to inspire adults to join in conservation efforts and inspire future conservations by bringing kids into the new environment with wild animals they don’t see around home. 

The Tykolis, founding family and owners of Safari Niagara, began operating their first business in 1967. Through innovative thinking and mindful investments, they’ve been able to develop this new industry into a unique business: Safari Niagara. 

The Tykolis took a flat, clay tract of land in rural Stevensville and carefully converted the space into the green park you see today, complete with hills, lakes, and trees, where visitors and animals can thrive. Since opening, the park has become known as one of the area’s safest and most enjoyable and inviting places for students, families, and corporate groups to experience wildlife encounters and nature together. 

When you come to Safari Niagara, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities. You can opt for any of the wonderful activities, which are geared toward folks of all ages and abilities. The educational, narrated tram rides take you through the park, telling you more about the residents and history of the park and the interactive educational presentations take you deeper into stories and information about specific animals, plants and features of the park. 

You can explore the 150-acre park through other activities as well. For those with a taste for adventure and extreme sports, try the SKYQUEST ropes course. The courses have been created for stimulating the adventurous side in adults and children alike. Children under 1.2 metres (48-inches) tall must be accompanied by a chaperone or join the fun on the SkyTykes, a course of balance beams, bridges and ropes similar to the larger system of ropes for adults and teens. 

The Bounce A Rooz are the giant, inflatable pillows at the park that allow guests to bounce and jump high into the air. Little ones and big kids to age 12 can enjoy the bouncing fun, as long as children are able to walk without assistance. 

Guests of all ages are welcome to ride the Carousel, and grown ups can catch a break while the kids play on the slides, swings and other playground toys at the Children’s Play Area. 

If fishing sounds like fun, the park has a fully stocked catch-and-release pond where folks can try to land the big one. Cups of worms are for sale on-site for $2.00 a cupful (on the honour system). 

While in the park, you can ride the Gator Express Tram. The tram not only provides a relaxing means for getting around the park, but offers narration throughout the park as it stops at various designated spots like the Budgie Exhibit, Paddle Boats and the Zooniversity Staging Area. The tram ride is included free with your paid park admission. 

For those looking for a little water fun, the paddle boats are a great way to enjoy the lake. They’re free to use while you’re in the park. 

A unique part of the park is Papa Steve’s Family Farm, where a miniature barn houses small animals like Miniature Horses, Fallow Deer, Peafowl and other interesting critters. Here, you can get up close and personal with the animals. Or, if you can, take a personal behind-the-scenes tour of the main portion of the park for experiences up close with rhinos, giraffes, lions, or as a “junior zookeeper for the day.” 

Other activities and exhibits at the park include pedal Bike Go-Karts on the Safari Speedway, splash pad on the lake for warm weather fun and the Walk-through Budgie Exhibit with over 500 budgies flying around free.